News: ServiceMax® 10

20/06/2018 New functionality in ServiceMax® 11.0.068


21/08/2017 - New Phone Number 0345 1260882

Welcome to 1-2-Mobile

1-2-Mobile provides Customer Relationship Management software to a whole range of small to medium sized heating and service companies helping them to drive down costs, improve margins, increase - sales, customer satisfaction and retention.

The ServiceMax® software supports solo users to medium sized companies manage their customers, generate and store work orders, plan and schedule work to engineers, provide various HSE reports and produce annual visit reminders to customers.

ServiceMax® helps manage businesses whose operatives use both paperwork and mobile communications, for work both in the Public and Private sector.

Since 2000, a number of ad-on products have been developed with cooperation and feedback from many users, thereby providing users with essential functionality to help them keep ahead of their competitors.

MobileMax® is our own in house mobile solution that hundreds of engineers now use in conjunction with ServiceMax®. MobileMax® works offline/in/out of mobile signal for users operating in areas with less than perfect mobile coverage. It allows real-time scheduling of work throughout the day and ensures that reports are returned to the office electronically thus reducing paperwork.

The service industry is very competitive and time sensitive so the use of an efficient mobile solution supports increased efficiency both in the field and in the office.

ServiceMax® 9 Features