News: ServiceMax® 10

20/06/2018 New functionality in ServiceMax® 11.0.068


21/08/2017 - New Phone Number 0345 1260882


InvoiceMax adds a few major functionalities to ServiceMax®. With InvoiceMax you can do volume invoicing, e.g. when you have lots of workorders for the same customers it is possible by just a few clicks to invoice them all on the same invoice.

With powerful selection and batch options it will meet almost any requirement for invoice grouping from your customers. With ServiceMax® you have the ability to invoice parts and labour. With InvoiceMax you can also set up fixed price items for quick selection upon job completion.

Many companies in the UK use SAGE for their accounting. You then have to re-enter all the details into SAGE. By using InvoiceMax generate all your invoices you can export any new customers and invoice transactions to a file that can be imported by SAGE saving you countless hours of re-keying, while reducing errors compounded by re-entering the information.

ServiceMax® produces accurate Invoice Information for standalone use via our own package InvoiceMax, which will generate all Customer Invoices i.e. labour & materials or defined work, singularly or batch directly for printing or emailing from ServiceMax® to the correct recipient from the Database. However, some companies in the UK insist on using SAGE for accounting purposes, whereby Invoice details have to be input by rekeying from ServiceMax® into SAGE. By using InvoiceMax, the user can also export all ServiceMax® invoice transactions into a holding file, ready for import into SAGE; thus saving countless hours of re-keying, and potential mistakes whilst re-entering the information. Data exported consists of customer details, date completed, Revenue and VAT generated. Further details can be viewed via our InvoiceMax Manual.


InvoiceMax Features