News: ServiceMax® 10

20/06/2018 New functionality in ServiceMax® 11.0.068


21/08/2017 - New Phone Number 0345 1260882

ServiceMax® Support

User Support

User support is done by email or by phone. When a new users buys ServiceMax® the first month support is included. Support contracts are available for all users beyond that point. Please contact our sales office to receive a quote for support. It is not mandatory to have a support contract*, but highly recommended. We use a web based remote access tool to assist us in providing the best possible support to our users. This allows us to come online on most computers where the users are located.

Light user support is available from 8AM to 5PM work days from the sales office on 0845 126-0882, option 2, or by email to: or

* Users of MobileMax® must have a support contract in place.

Technical Support

Technical support and trouble shooting is available in the same way as light user support with the difference that it is available from 2PM to 10PM work days. Should a user experience a technical problem that can not wait until 2PM please contact User Support as described to the left.

Contact technical support on 0845 126-0882, option 1, or by email to

Remote Support

Remote support is used to access the users computer to improve the support engineers ability to solve any issue efficiently and to improve customer satisfaction

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