MobileMax® Service 11

27/09/2018 New functionality or fixes in MobileMax® 11.1.115


26/09/2018 - ServiceMax renamed to MobileMax Service

26/09/2018 - Announcing MobileMax Cloud

17/04/2018 - MobileMax Field now talks to PartsArena

What Customers Say

Gas Services Network, Terry Davies 01554 741041

“We have tried many different databases over the years and found that MobileMax® Service met the challenge with cost and support and proved better suited for the business than some newer gas data systems advertised. Our business plan was successful: we doubled the work force in 12 months doubled the customer base in 12 months. Without MobileMax® Service the planning and executing the work activities would have meant working longer business plan duration. Thanks to MobileMax® Service the business plan was successful”.

David of Norman Atkins, Keighley

“I believe we were one of the first to use MobileMax back in 2001. It took several weeks of question and answer email/sessions with 1-2-Mobile before we purchased MobileMax and I know over the following year or so we helped them develop the product to be more user friendly creating many new functions for a small 10 engineer company like us. For several years we have stayed with their paperwork system which allowed us to plan/schedule jobs to our engineers as well as sending out annual reminders to our clients. Recently, we have tested their latest version of MobileMax 9 along with MobileMax Pro for Android and trust me the results are great. Their MobileMax system works really well on our android phones working both in/out of mobile signal and it delivers an amazing array of user functions and Service Industry forms. Over the next few weeks we will be adding several more Mobile Engineers onto our MobileMax system and this will help