MobileMax® Service 11

27/09/2018 New functionality or fixes in MobileMax® 11.1.115


26/09/2018 - ServiceMax renamed to MobileMax Service

26/09/2018 - Announcing MobileMax Cloud

17/04/2018 - MobileMax Field now talks to PartsArena

MobileMax® Field

MobileMax® Field will allow you to send work directly to a member of staff’s smart phone and on completion receive the completed work details back within minutes. MobileMax® Field will also allow you to capture both the customer and staff members signature so that you can print out or email signed copies of completed forms and reports back in the office e.g. Clients Survey; Customer at Risk; Landlords Gas Safety Certificate; Oil Firing and Commissioning Report, Leisure Industry Gas Certificate and Portable Appliance Test (PAT) etc etc.

In conjunction with PurchaseMax it will automatically register parts used and when stock levels run under a set limit create purchase orders automatically. Any part needed will be linked forward to the next visit and is then available for issuing if available in stores.

In conjunction with ContractMax and InvoiceMax most combinations of trades and job types and job statuses can be automatically priced, almost removing the need for manual intervention and pricing of jobs prior to invoicing.

The biggest surprise offered by MobileMax® Field is the drastic reduction in mobile phone charges experienced by it users, where 50% reduction are not unusual and also, linked to this, is the reduced office staff requirements (10% to 20%) to handle the calls. This happens because the need for the engineers to call in to the office, or admin to call the engineers is drastically reduced, while hand written work sheets are history.

MobileMax® Field comes on a few different platforms depending on the need to be able to work in areas with little to no mobile signal. The web version is flexible to the platform, while the out-of-signal versions are specific applications written for Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5 or Google's android. The android version will work both on smart phones and tablets that are based on the android operating system.

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