MobileMax® Service 11

27/09/2018 New functionality or fixes in MobileMax® 11.1.115


26/09/2018 - ServiceMax renamed to MobileMax Service

26/09/2018 - Announcing MobileMax Cloud

17/04/2018 - MobileMax Field now talks to PartsArena

MobileMax® Cloud

MobileMax® Cloud is our new hybrid cloud service, where we can host the MobileMax Service database in our data centre.

With MobileMax® Cloud you can operate MobileMax® Service from literally anywhere, away from the office, as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

What is different with MobileMax® Cloud from most other cloud servicers is that it does not change the user experience at all, as it uses the same feature rich and familiar front end.

With industry standard security, using TLS/SSL with both private and public certificates at the user end, a secure and hassle free experience is ensured.

Call us today to find out if MobileMax® Cloud is right for your company, and discus you needs and concerns when it comes to service management on the cloud.

Since MobileMax® Cloud uses the same familiar front end, the user must be running a Windows 7 compatible or newer device.

To make sure all users can access attachments and images from the engineers, from anywhere, DropBox is used. A company account or for smaller users, a personal account with up to 1 Tb is normally sufficient for years of MobileMax usage

Our MobileMax® Cloud data centre is located in York, England, so your data never leaves the United Kingdom.

MobileMax® Cloud is priced based on the number of active engineers licensed in your MobileMax® Service, and is invoiced monthly. An annual price with a 10% discount is also available.


MobileMax® Cloud Features