MobileMax® Service 11

27/09/2018 New functionality or fixes in MobileMax® 11.1.115


26/09/2018 - ServiceMax renamed to MobileMax Service

26/09/2018 - Announcing MobileMax Cloud

17/04/2018 - MobileMax Field now talks to PartsArena

1-2-Mobile News

26/09/2018 MobileMax Cloud now available to customers

MobileMax Cloud is our new hosted database service, where we can host the MobileMax database, while users use the same familiar and friendly users interface that they are used to. This means that users are no longer tied to the office to use MobileMax Service, but can work securely from home or anywhere they have a stable internet connection.

26/09/2018 MobileMax has changed name to MobileMax Service

Since the beginning of the summer we have been testing the latest version of our Service Management Software, formerly named MobileMax, now renamed to MobileMax Service, version 11. The new version comes with a few new features and many less noticeable changes in the back. The first thing user will notice is the new front page and its large and colourful buttons, where users can change the colours just as they like. Another less visible change is the end of forced 30 minutes apportionment interval or lengths. An appointment can now start exactly when needed, and can be as short as 5 minutes. The number of daily appointments that can be displayed has also increased from 48 to 72, per engineer.

20/06/2018 Oil form T!/133D now available on MobileMax

We have now added the TI/133D domestic oil storage tank spillage and fire risk assessment form. Engineers can find the new form in the list of available form on MobileMax.

23/04/2018 New function to keep track of, and simplify re-planning of jobs

Added new button to the front screen to simplify re-planning of jobs after a revisit or parts required status. The new button will open a screen similar to the Parts Required screen, but only list jobs that are marked ready to be replanned. To mark a job ready to be replanned, the user opens up the workorder screen and ticks the new tick button next to the Plan button. When the replan happens, the tick will be removed automatically.

17/04/2018 PartsArena now integrated into MobileMax

The users of MobileMax can now work along with Infomill's PartsArena, to build a pick list of needed parts, then MobileMax sends the list back to the office for pricing and ordering.

16/11/2017 MobileMax users can now see the problem description in a new larger popout screen.

The Problem Description screen has always been relatively small, mostly due to lack of space on the Workorder screen. It the latest update the screen has not changed size, but the users can now double click on the Problem Description screen to open it up in a larger editable screen. Edits made can be saved, or discarded.

15/11/2017 SalesMax add the option to filter by Appliance install date

SalesMax now has a new option where the user can filter on the install date of any customers appliance, appliance type, make or model. The new filter gives the user the option to select ignore, before, after, on or between dates.

02/10/2017 New crosstab excel export from MobileMax Survey as a Form

Users can now export a crosstab spreadsheet from Survey as a Form recorded by the engineer on MobileMax. They survey can have any available type of question and number of forms.

27/09/2017 Up to five daily calendar events notification per engineer.

Added option to add up to 5 calendar notifications per engineer per day. These are whole or partial days off set on the Employee Availability screen, accessed from the Employee screen.

05/09/2017 Users can now exclude an Appliance from the reminder calculation

Added option to exclude an Appliance form the service reminder calculation, without scrapping or deleting it. A new check box exists on the Appliance screen to set the current appliance to No Reminder. By ticking it the appliance in view will no longer be used in the reminder calculation. In addition there is a new tab on the Service Letter screen to identify customers that have more than one appliance influencing the reminder calculation, and that may benefit from the ability to remove one or more appliances from the reminder calculation.

21/08/2017 New Phone Number 0345 1260882

We are please to announce that we have been able to secure our new 0345 number, replacing our old 0845 number, with the same following digits as before. This makes it easy for our customers to remember our number, and get the low call rates that an 0345 number offers. The old 0845 number will remain active for the time being.

16/07/2017 Change in how Service Reminders are calculated.

In the past MobileMax would assume that all appliances are serviced at the same time, and show the most distant reminder, even if an installation had been done between services, calling for an earlier service. As of this version MobileMax will look at every appliance and show the reminder that is closest in time. This may lead to more customer reminder showing up per month.

26/06/2017 Added option to filter service reminders by Appliance Type

Users can now filter service reminders by Appliance Type. This makes it possible to have multiple reminders by property, as long as all appliances are set added to a property. Each appliance type may also have a different service interval, avoiding the issue problem where MobileMax only shows one upcoming reminder.

26/04/2017 Bing postcode search and mapping

The old Bing postcode lookup has been reintroduced on the Customer screen, next to the Postcode field.

26/04/2017 Now allowing custom sorting of workorders on the customer screen

Added option to customize the sort order of Workorders on the Customer screen. Go to Tools!Option!Workorders to set a company wide sort order.

30/03/2017 Department filtering added to both Daily Status and Weekly Schedule screens

Department filtering added to the Daily Status and Weekly Schedule screen. The user can either tick "All" to ignore department or untick "All" and select department to only see engineers from a specific department.

30/03/2017 Department filtering added to Task List

In a recent update we added Department to the Employee screen. Initially no additional functionality was added, but a dropdown box was added to the Task List in preparedness for future functionality. We have now added filtering by department to the Task List, while also relocating some of the controls in the screen for better look and feel. I'm sure there will be more added to the department setting in the future, so feel free to let us know your needs.

29/03/2017 Email all job reports with the invoice

User have had the ability to send emails as an invoice for a long time, but it was cumbersome to include any job reports with the invoice. We have now added the option to include all job reports available from the Workorder screen by ticking the new option "Include Reports" on the Invoice Print screen. When the user ticks this option the email window will first open, and then immediately the Workorder Print screen will open. The user can then just click on each of the reports needed, and the reports will be saved in a temporary folder and added to the email as attachments. When all the wanted reports are "printed" the user must close the print screen to get back to the email screen. If the user missed out a report the print screen can be reopened with a new button on the lower left side of the email screen. If the user must print the invoice, the same function is available. The difference is that the reports are printed first, then the invoice is printed, locating it on top of the job reports as a separator if more than one needs printing. Emailing job reports with the invoice only works for those who use the internal email, and not external email programs, e.g. Outlook.

20/03/2017 Added Department info to employees information.

We have added a new field on the Employee screen that allows the use of department name. This information can then be use on the Task Manager to filter by department, instead of by person. The department filtering function will be added in the next version.

24/02/2017 Surveys now available as forms on MobileMax

Added option to allow a MobileMax survey to also be a form that the engineer may select and fill in duringany job. This also allows a survey form to be avilable for Adhoc jobs.

14/02/2017 Bookmark a workorder to find it after an interruption

Why do you need to bookmark a workorder? If you receive a call, while you are working on a specific workorder, MobileMax forces you to close the screens you have open, to deal with a new incoming call and customer. You can now bookmark a workorder before you close the screen. The MobileMax task management system will then wait 5 minutes, check that no customer or workorder is open, the pop up a reminder about the workorder.

01/02/2017 Export the service reminder list for mail merge

While MobileMax can print cards or letters, while also sending a service reminder as a text or an email, it never had the option to export a selection of customers due a reminder for use in a mail merge. Now will be able to export their selection of customers for use in a mail merge or some other external label printing software of their choice.

18/01/2017 MobileMax counts the Days Off

In the past users could record days or hours taken off by the engineer, and described the reason in free text. We have now added a new field, called Type, where the user can select between Vacation, Sick, Company Other. In later releases the counter will be updated accordingly. For now the users can start to record the different types.

18/01/2017 MobileMax now can force engineer to take a picture

Lately a few of our users have expressed the need for MobileMax to remind, or indeed force the engineer to take at least one picture from the job site. We have now implemented this in MobileMax and MobileMax, where all engineers, all jobs, some jobs or some engineers must take at least one picture, to go back with the job information.

17/10/2016 Sales Opportunity Status Report

Added a new report to EstiMax, where status of sales activity can be monitored. The report is grouped by sales rep and opportunity status, including opportunity value and related task status.

13/10/2016 New report with all pictures taken for a workorder

We have added a report that shows all the pictures taken during a workorder returned by MobileMax, or manually linked at the office from a camera or existing files. File extensions supported so far are JPG, PNG and BMP. The button to view the report is on the usual print workorder screen. The button will show a picture count, if any found.

28/09/2016 Plant Commissoning/Servicing Record (Non-Domestic) (CP15)

Added the Plant commissioning/Servicing Record (Non-Domestic) (CP15) report to MobileMax and MobileMax. Engineers can now fill in a complete the report on MobileMax and the office can view and print this very detailed report in the office. This is just one of many steps to make MobileMax more user friendly for service companies working with commercial appliances.

01/09/2016 New Add-On for MobileMax in the works

Two new MobileMax add-ons are about to be released. The first one to be released will be EstiMax. EstiMax will encompass already included quote functionality, but add the ability to track quotes and their success rate. A full Estimax License will also include SalesMax features. EstiMax will also use the newly added Task system, where staff using MobileMax can give each other tasks with reminders, similar to what Outlook offers. The next add-on to be released will be FleetMax. With FleetMax users will be able to record all their vehicles and also keep track of their MOT status. A further developments will be the ability for engineers to record their mileage, allowing MobileMax to issue reports of vehicle business use for tax reporting. We are also experimenting with automatic geolocation in MobileMax, and this may become part of MobileMax and FleetMax in the future.

26/08/2016 MobileMax adds Mobile Catering Vehivle / Trailer heck (CP44)

MobileMax already has an industry leading number of available standard forms available for engineers to fill in in the field. The latest form to be added to the list is the Mobile Catering Vehicle / Trailer aka a CP44.

23/08/2016 Appliance install date with new trafick light age colour coding.

As appliances become older, the more care they need. To help highlight the age of an appliance we have introduced traffic light colour coding of the Date Installed field on the Customer screen appliance listing. For now the age windows are fixed a less than five years shows green, five to ten years show amber and older than ten show red.

16/08/2016 SalesMax gains ability to filter customers by their phone numbers

A new search function has been added to SalesMax. You can now search by parts of a phone number to narrow down a specific area code, or all the way down to a specific phone number. The new function also allows you to exclude certain phone numbers if the toggle switch to the left is set to empty.

19/07/2016 ContractMax can now set limits of certain job type visits.

Added a new Contract Management function where a customer contract can be set to limit the number of visits, typically free one's, and warn the user about the overage before a new workorder is generated. To us it you must set it up under revisit handling on the ContractMax Add/Edit Contract screen.

13/07/2016 Added new universal phone system handling screen.

Added a new universal phone system screen to control auto opening of calling customer' details upon answering calls. Also added more details available to exchange with the phone system.

13/07/2016 Added support for UCPlus phone system

Added support for yet another phone system. This time the Ucplus, which is used by a number of different phone systems for office integration, i.e. NEC SV9100

12/07/2016 MobileMax can now talk to Go Connect CRM

We have added yet another phone system to the list of compatible systems. Users of MobileMax and Panasonic with Go Connect CRM can now can open a customer screen based on the incoming phone number. Outgoing calls can now be done directly from the various dial buttons in MobileMax, utilizing the functionality Go Connect CRM offers.

05/07/2016 Added CP42 Commercial Catering Gas Safety Inspection form.

MobileMax now give users the option to fill in a Commercial Catering Gas Safety Inspection form on the PDA. As soon as it arrives back in MobileMax the user can go to the Workorder print screen and view, print or email the new form.

17/06/2016 Tasks and Reminders for Office Personnel

Users can now create a task to remind one self or someone else in the office to carry out a task. The new function is easily spotted with its new green check button. It can be found on the main screen where the user can open the list if tasks. The button is also available on the Customer, Workorder and Appliance screens. Creating a task from the Customer or Appliance screen also saves a link to the current customer. If a Workorder is open there is a link to the Workorder. For reminders to work for individuals MobileMax must know each users Windows user name. By adding each admin user as an employee, but not as an engineer, each user can be recognised by MobileMax and reminders can be set for each user.

14/06/2016 Added vacation counter on the Employee screen

Users can now see the total number of days and hours recorded as taken off by each employee on the Employee screen. Days and hours are counted separately. The counter uses the date set on the Main screen and counts from January 1st of the year showing to the actual date showing. The user can also see future planned days by moving the date on the main screen forward and then opening the employee screen.

10/06/2016 Added option to view Landlords and 3rd Party listings by last name first

There are several areas of MobileMax that relies on listings of Landlords or 3rd Party drop down boxes for selections. This new function allows the users to chose either the old format, [Title First Name Last Name] or [Last Name, First Name, Title]. The selection is available on the Option screen under the Customer tab. Go to Tools-Options-Customers to make your selection. It defaults to the old listing order.

07/06/2016 User requested automatic ID of customer comments

Added automatic notation of user and time after any comments added or edited on the Customer screen Notes field.

07/06/2016 PurchaseMax: Remind users if a part price needs reviewing

In PurchaseMax the Last Price Review field will have red background if it is null or outside the set review period. When invoicing the user will also get a red warning on the part name of a price review is over due. The function is controlled from PurchaseMax Setup, where the user can set the review time interval, or turn review warning off by setting the interval to "Off"

22/01/2016 MobileMax® + Samsung Xchange = True

In the latest releases of MobileMax® we have added an interface to the Samsung Xchange office telephone system. Users can now place calls using Xchange, directly from MobileMax®, and when a call comes in Xchange can look up in MobileMax® to find the phone number calling. If it is found the MobileMax® Customer screen can be opened directly from Xchange, saving the user multiple clicks and time.  To learn more about Samsung Xchange click on the picture below.

Samsung Xchange

31/08/2015 More Oil forms in MobileMax®

Several MobileMax users also maintain Oil appliances, domestic and commercial, and on request we have added a few new Oil forms. These are the Landlord Oil Installation Check and the Warning and Advice Notice. From before we already have the Oil Firing Installation Completion Report and the Oil Firing and Commissioning Report. On the image below you can see all the specific gas, oil and other forms currently available in MobileMax® 10*.

Workorder Print Screen

*  All forms except the CP12 requires MobileMax® for the engineer to enter details and observations.

25/08/2015 Chimney Sweep Certificate in MobileMax®

Many of the users of MobileMax does more than just Gas Installation and Maintenance. They often offer a full range of services to help keep a property warm and safe. To that end MobileMax now offers engineer the ability to issue a Certificate of Chimney Sweep.  The report is then available in MobileMax for viewing, printing or emailing directly to the customer.  As usual with any report entered using MobileMax, it will have the engineers signature, tasks performed and observations obtained on site.  Any safety issues will also be clearly noted.

17/07/2015 - MobileMax® 10 helps customer secure more maintenance work using SMS messaging

While MobileMax have had the ability to send out SMS messages for a while, it is just recently that this ability has been extended to the Service Reminders, and shortly into SalesMax promotional activity.  Early feedback from long term customers is that they see much improved take-up on the SMS messages than they ever did on mailed reminders.  It is therefor that we now are expanding this ability to new areas in MobileMax and MobileMax.  One example is appointment notification.  MobileMax can now send out notices 48 hours and 24 hours ahead of an appointment to remind the customer of an appointment.  Those using MobileMax can now have an automatic en-route message sent as soon as the engineer clicks that he/she is now heading for the next appointment.  Contact us today to get this functionality added to your MobileMax.

29/05/2015 - MobileMax® 10 and InvoiceMax offers support for multi entity for invoicing and reporting

It is now possible to set up multiple entities in InvoiceMax. This is done by letting the user to set an individual Trade Type up as a separate entity. This allows users of MobileMax to use a single MobileMax database of customers and engineers to service more than one company entity. Financial reporting can be done split or merged, as well as exporting entity specific transactions to their Sage accounting system. The image below shows the simplicity for the user when needing to report on the main entity and other entities set up in their InvoiceMax

Multi Entity support

03/02/2015 - MobileMax® 10 - MobileMax forward planning of jobs

Users of MobileMax® 10 and MobileMax can now offer forward planning of jobs for selected engineers. MobileMax users get free access to VeriMax and can therefore pick an existing customer from the list and plan a future job. We encourage all users to update to MobileMax® 10 to take advantage of this new functionality.

MobileMax fron screen with planning button MobileMax planning screen

01/02/2015 - MobileMax® 10 - VeriMax free for MobileMax users.

We have updated VeriMax from being only available through a web interface, to be available within MobileMax. This means that users of MobileMax can have the customer list on the PDA to pick from when planning future jobs or performing after hour adhoc jobs. Also new is that all users of MobileMax® 10 and MobileMax get free access to VeriMax as of 2015.

14/01/2015 - MobileMax® 10 - Showing Actual time spend En Route and On Site.

Admin can now see the time an engineer spent En Route and On Site when they use MobileMax. As long as the engineer clicks En Route to the next job and starts the job on his PDA when arriving On Site, MobileMax will now display this on the MobileMax Daily Status screen, with Actual selected. See screen shot below for an example.

MobileMax 10 daily status actual, showing en route and on site

16/12/2014 - MobileMax® 10 - new notification screen.

Users that are used to using the notification function on their smart phones will be happy to find this function now available in MobileMax® 10. The top right button (Left image) is new to version 10 and opens a new notification screen (Right image) that lists workorders and customers where changes have taken place. The user can double click to see the changes for each. The item you double click will be removed from the list, leaving only unread changes.

MobileMax 10 Front Screen MobileMax 10 Notifications

15/12/2014 - MobileMax® 10 New and coming functionality.

New functions:

  • Engineer can plan a job for the property being visited on his PDA.
  • A start of Day and Start of Job survey can be generated by the office made mandatory before any job is started.
  • InvoiceMax now offers the ability to choose to use day of completion or day of invoice generation as the invoice date.
  • Choice of 10 industry forms – more being added monthly
  • Being designed:

  • Engineers can finalize and email the invoice to the customer while on-site.
  • MobileMax can send a customized SMS to customers at a set time in front of an appointment to reduce no access visits.
  • 29/10/2014 - MobileMax® 10 released and available to download for current and new users.

    With the release of MobileMax® 10 the users gains even more functionality than ever before. The biggest news is a built in email client where the users can send emails directly without needing to have an external email system. The main benefit for the users is that it makes MobileMax better able to run in a Remote Desktop or Terminal Server session, where it does not require users to have separate email setup on their desktops and on the remote server.

    * MobileMax® 10 requires new license codes, free for users with a current support contract.

    17/03/2014 - MobileMax® allows the engineer to record CO and CO2, helping users of MobileMax® stay current with compulsory requirement come April.

    When it shortly becomes compulsory for a gas engineer to use Flue Gas Analyzer in his/her daily tasks, users of MobileMax® have the ability to record the necessary CO and CO2 observations. In fact MobileMax® and MobileMax® have had this ability for a long time already. Check out MobileMax® to learn how you easily can stay current with the latest requirements.

    06/02/2014 - MobileMax® 10 with built in SMTP (email) support

    In the current and past versions of MobileMax® the user had to have an email application on the computer to be able to send emails from MobileMax®. In MobileMax® 10 the user will be able to choose between the old way of sending emails, or using the built in support for email. Another added benefit of this new functionality is that it will make it easier to host MobileMax® remotely since it does not require an additional email application on the host platform. In essence it makes MobileMax® cloud capable.

    01/02/2014 - Email the invoice from MobileMax®

    We have started to test invoicing directly on the MobileMax® PDA and will have it ready in the upcoming release of MobileMax® 10. In the past all invoices had to be generated and issued by the office, but with this update the engineers will be able to finalize and get the customers agreement on site. The invoice can then be email directly to the customer.

    01/12/2013 - Three months free test of MobileMax®

    Past or new users of MobileMax® are invited to try MobileMax® for free for three months. We recommend using an Android phone or tablet for out of signal operation.

    20/11/2013 - Latest new functions and improvements

  • • Good news for iPhone users........for those who wish to try out our MobileMax® web version we can have you running a trial within an hour. However, if you also have access to an Android Tablet then you can use your iPhone as a wireless hotspot – tether your android to that and access the Internet then achieve full functionality of MobileMax® Pro for Android – completing work both in and out of Mobile Signal.
  • • Improved Service Reminders where the user can chose as many Job Types as he/she likes for the reminders.
  • • Added Minor Electrical Installation Work Certificate to MobileMax® and MobileMax®.
  • • Added Gas forms CP6, CP14, CP16 and CP17 to MobileMax® and MobileMax®.
  • • Added Oil form Oil Firing Installation Completion Report on MobileMax® and MobileMax®.
  • • Coming soon: Generate and email invoice from MobileMax® to the customer.
  • 01/07/2013 - Latest new functions and improvements

  • • Additional forms in MobileMax® and MobileMax® for Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Service Providers
  • • MobileMax®: New summary screen to ensure customer can see engineers report summary before signing acceptance .
  • • SalesMax: Ability to drill down by property type to assist with identification; marketing etc.
  • • Quotation functionality improvement for both Office and Field where details can be added and/or concealed from the customer primarily for office use/information.
  • 09/05/2013 - Latest new functions and improvements

  • • MobileMax® users will now receive an audible tone, or shake, when a new or updated job lands on the hand held.
  • • MobileMax® users will now hear an audible sound when completed workorders come back from MobileMax®
  • • MobileMax® users can now allow the engineer to request a quote for the property they are attending to, with a short description. A new button on the MobileMax® front screen lists all incoming quote requests.
  • • User that don't invoice using MobileMax® can now set a job to auto-complete if the job is set to complete on the hand held. Exceptions are if the customer is unknown, revisit required and a quote is requested
  • • MobileMax® users can now set that they are en-route to the next job. MobileMax® users will see the notification and can act accordingly if plans change.
  • • MobileMax® will show the part price, if available, at the end of the part description. In the future MobileMax® will also be able to use the price in calculations
  • 18/03/2013 - MobileMax® 9 sends service reminders to customers using SMS

    Resent improvements in MobileMax® makes it possible to send service reminders using SMS. With Royal Mail's resent price increase for stamps, sending service reminders is becoming a significant cost for the smaller as well as the bigger service companies. The SMS function in MobileMax® can also be used to message engineers and individual customers. The SMS function is delivered in co-operation with Intelli Software

    25/2/2013 - Partnering with long term user to add functionality to MobileMax®

    In partnership with a long term user new functionality will be coming to MobileMax® the next few months. The added functionality includes:
  • • Audible notification both on the PDA and the office computers when new arrive from MobileMax®
  • • MobileMax® questionnaire for start of day, start of job, vehicle questionnaire and general safety questionnaires for the engineers to fill in as required
  • • Add on-route status to allow office to see travel time to location
  • • New forms on the PDA and printable in MobileMax®:
  • • Gas forms: CP17, CP16, CP14, GSD6, GSD1
  • • Oil form: CD10
  • • AC forms: Service form, Equipment (Refrigerant) record form
  • • And more...
  • 1/2/2013 - New functions coming soon to MobileMax®

  • • Full client list on the PDA will shortly be available. This will enable the engineer to take calls directly in the field and check the eligibility of individual clients before accepts a new service or breakdown call.
  • • Track the engineer with geo location by MobileMax® and visibility in the office. MobileMax® typically updates every 5 minutes, if within mobile signal, and it can then also send its current location back to MobileMax®. This way the office can see where each engineer is at any time during the day.
  • 01/11/2012 - Take and send pictures with MobileMax® and MobileMax® 9

    MobileMax® 9 will be released in a couple of weeks and one of the big news is that the engineer can now take pictures with his MobileMax® PDA. The pictures are then sent back to MobileMax® automatically and stored with the workorder information. To help save on mobile data cost only small thumbnail pictures of just a few kilobytes will go with the workorder over any connection. Only when the engineer connects with Wi-Fi or other fast and affordable connection will the full size pictures be sent to MobileMax®

    01/08/2012 - MobileMax® 9 nearing release

  • • Work has progressed well to develop the new version of MobileMax® including improved layout design.
  • • Tests with MobileMax® 9 and the new Windows 8 operating system (due to be launched by Microsoft in Oct12) have shown no incompatibility issues at all.....all good news so far.
  • • We anticipate that MobileMax® 9 will be available during September after rigorous testing of all features including the EDI link mentioned in our previous news reports.
  • • Users of MobileMax® with MobileMax® 9 will be able to access new features such as picture upload, additional service reports; out dialer to landlord; pre-work requirement facility etc.
  • 25/06/2012 - EDI in MobileMax® 9

    A significant amount of Research and Development has been completed ready for adding an EDI (Wikipedia EDI) Interface Link to MobileMax® and MobileMax® - A major feature that will allow users/subcontractors to electronically interface with a National Home Insurer/Service Provider – enabling the contractor to nominate in advance their manpower for work, then receive, complete and return work electronically as well as being paid within a reasonable time. The project was commenced to support two of our medium sized customers as well to encourage and support new business. The Beta EDI link is being tested during July ready for general roll out in Aug/Sept when MobileMax® 9 will be released

    25/06/2012 - Improvements incorporated in May and June

    Busy months for us undertaking a range of improvements within MobileMax® including the Annual Reminder section; where additional select options have been included for accessing Landlord, Tenants and Property Owner/ Occupiers.

    25/04/2012 - Improved Survey Functionality to allow more flexibility

    Improvements to the Survey Form functionality has been made available to users of MobileMax®, so their Mobile Staff may now be directed to ask and complete on their smart phone, a list of pre-set survey questions and choice answers against a range of specific job and trade types. This improvement ensures that a range of differing surveys can be targeted to a variety of trade and job types to meet business and client needs as well as legal requirements. E.g. Quality Control/Inspection visit for Gas work, Building Services, Electrical work, as well as assessment surveys of those Clients or Customers who may be potentially at Risk Etc.

    15/04/2012 - New Mapping Function Improves Work Planning

    Providing the office with a visual display on a map of all jobs planned in route/planned order, for individual engineers, supporting great information for route optimization leading to reduced fuel costs, less travel times and improved efficiency.

  • Fiona from Appleby says “this facility will be of great help to us, – Cumbria is a large county and we are always trying to plan days in a more cost effective way, faster”
  • Jackie from Anglesey confirms “What a time saver this is for me. I usually have to go onto Google Maps and waste time finding the job and who is the nearest engineer. It’s absolutely brilliant.”
  • 02/03/2012 - New and Improved Functions in MobileMax®

  • MobileMax® 8.0.163 now supports high and low fire CO/CO2 ratio readings as requested by several MobileMax® users; who confirm the frequency of high low fire burners is increasing along with the need to measure their performance.
  • By popular request MobileMax® 8.0.163 and users of MobileMax® Pro Android can now view the last 5 jobs history of the same trade type visit. As users become familiar with this useful function we will continue to improve the displays as we obtain user feedback.
  • Improvements in the way PAT forms are displayed and completed on the PDA has been added, along with the administration of the forms by the "office”.
  • 03/02/2012 - MobileMax® training at Yorkshire office

    A 1:1 training session held with Tony, whose heating business is based in Bolton, Lancs, at our Yorkshire office was completed in February 2012. The short session helped Tony better understand how simple it is to navigate through annual service reminders in MobileMax®, thus improving contact with his customers and reducing his administration work. Tony said “The 45 minute training session with Alan has shown me how simple it is to filter active customers, methods to send annual reminders and this will save me hours of telephone calls and administration – many thanks for your support”

    15/01/2012 - MobileMax® expands onto latest Android Smart Phones and Tablets

    The continuing appeal of MobileMax® Pro has now been broadened even further; now incorporating users of Android smart phones. The latest Android 2.3 and 4 smart phones/tablets like those mentioned in PC Pro’s A listed works exceedingly fast both in and out of mobile signal. Several of our experienced customers who have recently moved from older PDA really do see greater speed and user benefits. Malcolm from MHR, an experienced user of 6 years said recently “I have been using my Samsung Galaxy for several weeks now and am really pleased with results and extra functions included”.