MobileMax® Service 11

27/09/2018 New functionality or fixes in MobileMax® 11.1.115


26/09/2018 - ServiceMax renamed to MobileMax Service

26/09/2018 - Announcing MobileMax Cloud

17/04/2018 - MobileMax Field now talks to PartsArena

MobileMax® Service 11

MobileMax was first launched in November 2001. Since then MobileMax has undergone significant development and improvements with the help and support of many of our customers. Our aim with MobileMax has always been and still is to provide small to medium sized service companies with an affordable system, rich on functionalities, to meet and often exceed their expectations.

1-2-Mobile has unmatched knowledge in the Heating and Gas Service industry. This means that if a customer has a problem, they rarely need to explain their business to us for us to be able to suggest an efficient solution – in this way we all save. Contrary to most other off-the-shelf service packages, MobileMax is continuously updated to improve and introduce functionalities for the benefit and competitive advantage of our customers.

As new technologies become affordable, like mobile data communications, we implement solutions that meet our customer's demands and desires for improved efficiency, flexibility and reduced running cost, all within a stable software environment. The way we achieve this, primarily, is by establishing excellent working relationships with our customers, then co-operate closely as new functions are agreed, developed and introduced for testing out in the field before being made available for general release. In this way a constant improvement cycle is established; we discuss, design, plan, test, review and introduce – in this way the improvement cycle continues. MobileMax is the central module where the customer, work order, appliance database and engineers are managed. For the smaller companies all the necessary tools needed to run a service business are included in this package.


MobileMax® Service main features